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Through Global Giving, Tukuy Pacha is seeking to collect funds to help 60 people with disabilities to get their respective disability card. Click on the link bellow to learn about the details of  our new project:

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Project Summary

The project aims to improve the lives of 60 people with disabilities in the municipalities of Villa Ribero, Arani and Cliza, in Cochabamba. By providing them with a disability card, they are enabled to exercise their fundamental rights and access resources to which they are entitled: free healthcare services, scholarship opportunities at private universities, job tenure, etc. In Bolivia this social group is still outcast and this card increases their visibility while providing legal support.

The Problem

Without the disability card, people with disabilities are severely limited. Though the exercise of their rights shouldn’t be conditioned by a document, Bolivian public institutions show them little attention and they lack access to healthcare and other social protections. The scant information about the needs of this vulnerable group feeds stereotypes that generate discrimination and social exclusion. Remote communities and insufficient economic resources impede the process of acquiring the card. 

How will this project solve the problem?

Municipal Disability Care Units will identify people with disability of municipalities, Tukuy Pacha will select those in vulnerable conditions who can’t complete the process alone. Then, they will be supported through the legal procedure; processing documents like ID, birth certificates, genetic tests, neurological, psychiatric, physiological, autistic spectrum disorder and/or traumatological reports. Then, they will receive the card from the Disability Unit of the Departmental Social Management.

Potential Long-Term Impact

60 people with disabilities will receive their disability card, creating a sustainable positive impact by solving accessibility problems to things like protected income, free legal documents, or preferential healthcare treatment. Besides, the people identified will form an official database of the Municipal Unit of Disability Attention, making their reality visible but also publicizing their needs and helping to generate a solid organization plan for those with disabilities nearby.

Network Resources

Facebook: tukuypacha-discapacidadbolivia

Proceso calificación en el Centro de Rehabilitación del Valle Alto

 Process of qualification for people with disabilities

  The Departament of Health Services is the institution in charge of evaluating the type and level of disability that an individual has in order to determine whether  or not they are eligible to receive a disability card. 

Certificado de nacimiento


 In order to obtain a disability card an individual needs to present their birth certificate. In many cases individuals with disabilities don’t have a birht certificate and it’s necessary to help them process it. 

Informe neurológico

Neurological Report

In Bolivia one of the most important documents that an individual needs to present in order to receive a disability card is a neurological report. A neurological report is the result of a neurgological test that determines the level of mental disability that a person has, is very expensive and in many cases patients don’t have the resources to get them.