Executive director -Expert in institutional communication.

Founder of the Tukuy Pacha Association, Julio Arze graduated from the Bolivian Catholic University of Cochabamba in Social Communication, with a minor in Communication for Development. He also has a Masters Degree in Graphic Design from the School of Higher education TRACOR in Santiago de Chile. Currently his work focuses mainly in the strategic direction of the Tukuy Pacha and in the development of new communication strategies for the different sectors in which the institution works.. 


Administrator – accountant.

Founder of the Tukuy Association, Juan Carlos Quiroga Bazoalto is a graduated from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón in the city of Cochabamba in auditing and managment. Since his graduation he has been working in different municipalities in the tropics of Cochabamba, gaining knowledge on public management and management of municipal resources

Since 2010, he has begun to work in social projects and with international cooperation, managing resources from a social perspective. Nowadays he collaborates with projects in rural municipalities of Cochabamba; not only by managing financial resources but also by proposing budgets to develop new initiatives.


Responsible of Political Advocacy.

Lilak Colque is an attorney, graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Tomás Frías in the city of Potosí. She also has post-graduate studies in Human Rights, a tool that has helped her develop her work extensively in the strengthen of social organization.

Nowadays, she works with the Tukuy Pacha doing political advocacy for the inclusion of people with disabilities at a national, departmental and municipal level.


Responsable of Physical Therapy.

Paola Villarroel is a physical therapist, she graduated from the Central University of Cochabamba, a very well known institution in terms of training professionals in this area. Her professional work has focused mainly in working directly with people in rural communities. Her work with Tukuy Pacha focuses in providing physical therapy to people with disabilities who’s condition is very severe. She also provides workshops for families and government employees on the importance of the community-based rehabilitation in different municipalities.

Program coordinator for the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation.

Roberto Zambonardi has a degree in Developmental Psychology and Communication. Since 2013 Roberto has been working in Latin America collaborating in different projects. Since October 2016, he coordinates the activities of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Bolivia.

The Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation develops projects around the world focused on the fight against inequalities, advocating for the right to health and promoting rehabilitation as a tool for  community integration. Since 2013, the Foundation has collaborated with the Tukuy Pacha Association assisting them in organizational strengthening and strategic planning. At the same time they collaborate to carry out projects in favor of people with disabilities in different municipalities of Cochabamaba, Bolivia.