Our Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering with Tukuy Pacha, please contact us to:


National Volunteers


Volunteer in Institutional Communication

David Camacho Mejia is currently finishing his studies in social communication at the University of San Simón in Cochabamba and through 2017 he is completing his degree by performing a graduation project with Tukuy Pacha. David has extensive experience in audiovisual production and is currently supporting institutional communication at Tukuy Pacha through the many diverse areas of communication: audiovisual production, collection of photos, contact with companies, etc.

Since beginning his time with Tukuy Pacha in the summer of 2016, he has helped manage social media, create the webpage, and produce radiobroadcast.

International Volunteers

Tukuy Pacha has a partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Development and has received two volunteers through them. FSD is dedicated to using the social, economic and environmental resources of a location to capacitate the community and create lasting solutions to the challenges they face. At the same time, it is focused on educating young adults on how to work in a nonprofit organization.


Volunteer from FSD – Northwestern University

Stephanie Marin is a rising senior at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois where she majors in Spanish Language and Culture and minors in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Stephanie has had experience working in the field of Human Rights, as she has had a past internship with the National Immigrant Justice Center. Her educational thesis focuses on the literary representation of exploitation imparted by transnational companies and industries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Stephanie is excited to be able to work again in the field of human rights alongside Tukuy Pacha by creating legal educational material and providing logistical support to Lilak Colque, Tukuy
Pacha’s lawyer.

Volunteer from FSD – Northwestern University

My name is Esai Orozco and I am a graduate of Northwestern University (Class of 2017) with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Neurobiology. I began work at Tukuy Pacha in the Summer of 2017 helping Paola, the physical therapist, create informative handouts on the most common disabilities found in Cochabamba. These handouts included various information, such as the symptoms and treatments, which in turn would help the population be better prepared.


Volunteer from FSD – Northwestern University

Hello, my name is Brandon Arias. I am from Chicago, and I study statistics and sociology at Northwestern University. For the summer of 2017, I work alongside with the director of Tukuy Pacha in developing statistical reports, strengthening social media presence in Twitter and Global Giving, and creating an educational calendar and manual. In the end, the work is to provide higher level of visibility and accessible information for people with disabilities.


Volunteer from FSD – University of San Francisco

My name is Diego Jones. I am a student from the University of San Francisco majoring in International Studies. In the summer of 2017 I worked as a volunteer for Tukuy Pacha. My job at the organization focused mainly in the improvement of their website and their visibility in social media through reports, pictures and videos. I worked as an assistant for the Tukuy Pacha team, visiting people with disabilities in different communities of Cochabamba and working with organizations of people with disabilities.



Volunteer from FSD – Tukuy Pacha’s webpage 

My name is Molly and in the fall of 2016 I spent three and a half months volunteering with Tukuy Pacha. I began a project with the goal of strengthening the relationship between Tukuy Pacha and the community of Cochabamba through the creation of a webpage. The idea was that it would increase awareness, establish a system of financial support, and also provide a space for people with disabilities to be empowered to share their stories. Each section of the website works toward the objective by providing basic information, resources, or ways to get involved. I conducted interviews with workers of UMADIS (the municipal unit of care for people with disabilities) and families Tukuy Pacha has given physical therapy and legal support to. Additionally, I helped Tukuy Pacha apply for the Global Giving campaign, which gives them a connection to a well-known international fundraising organization to expand their economic independence and web of donors. I hope that it continues to be used and updated as a resource for the development and expansion of Tukuy Pacha.


Volunteer from FSD – Introducing Musical Therapy

My name is Sonia and I worked at Tukuy Pacha for two months in the summer of 2016. During my time there, I started a music therapy component for the organization, buying some instruments and conducting music therapy with patients. I worked very closely with Paola, the physical therapist, who now has some experience with conducting music therapy in the home, and she is able to give her patients suggestions on how to use it on their own to help make their therapy practices a little more interesting!  In addition to that, we worked together to create a CD with carefully selected pieces (classical, public-domain) that could be used as therapy in many ways – relaxation, exercise, etc.  The idea was to sell this to patients and people in the different municipalities to contribute a bit to fundraising.

Update:  Sonia’s CDs have been sold at various workshops and fairs and musical therapy is being integrated into the workshops and curriculum of Tukuy Pacha.